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Outstanding Photography & Videography in Glendale

Talin Film is a premier photography and videography business based in Glendale, California, specializing in making our customers’ events look truly outstanding. We provide professional photography and videography services for all types of events, from family gatherings and birthday parties to corporate meetings and graduations. Our team of professional photographers and videographers has over 40 years of experience capturing meaningful moments and creating stunning images.
At Talin Film, we only use the highest-quality professional cameras and equipment, ensuring that every photo and video is of the utmost quality. Our photographers and videographers are committed to providing the most comprehensive services, including shooting candid moments, editing the images, and cutting the videos. We capture your event in a way that no amateur photographer could, with a keen eye for subtle details and professional techniques. Our professional equipment ensures that all images are crisp, clear, and attractive, making them perfect for display in homes and offices.
We understand the importance of preserving memories, which is why we also offer passport photo services for all ages, as well as video conversion services for VHS tapes and home movies. Passport photos need to be of the highest quality, and with our expertise and modern digital cameras and equipment, we ensure that your family looks their best in their passport photos. Video conversion can help increase the longevity of your old home videos, and our years of experience mean that you can be confident that your videos are in safe hands. 
We work hard to make sure that all of our customers expect the best possible outcome of their events. All images and videos are backed up in a secure location and are sent to the customer safely and securely. We believe that providing quality services and products should be matched by the way the customer receives them. Our staff is professional and friendly, and we work to make sure that all our clients receive the personalized service they deserve.
Talin Film wants to make sure you never forget the people and moments of your special events. With our professional photography and videography services, you can have meaningful memories forever. Contact us at (818) 929-0900 to book our services for your special event now. With Talin Film, your event is sure to look truly outstanding.

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